Music and Fun for Your Next Event!

In early 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic put everything on hold, then postponed, and then finally cancelled. Musicians and entertainers were on the sideline with no end in sight. Indoor activity was not an option and social distancing was the order of the day. But with the desire to continue to make music, "Driveway Practice" with fresh air became the solution. Every week, between 5 to as many as 15 musicians would meet and perform a concert on the Brooks Driveway. Neighbors were out walking their dogs and exercising. Friends visited and brought their coolers and lawn chairs. Everyone involved had fun our first year playing on the driveway. But, Covid-19 continued...

So, in 2021 it was time for "The Driveway Brass World Tour". We traveled to each of our members' driveways. Our concerts were well attended and everyone had an opportunity to get outside, enjoy the music, and share some fellowship and refreshments. Meanwhile, the quintet started to sound pretty good (or at least that's what our friends and family told us).

Now comes the challange of 2022! We would like to perform on your driveway for an evening out with friends and neighbors. Maybe you have an outside wedding coming soon and need some music? Your donation might just get you that concert or performance that you'll never forget.

We want to add purpose to our playing. 100%... I repeat! 100% of earnings received in 2022 will be donated to The Saint Louis Shriners Hospital for Children. Join us as we spread joy through music and help the children.

Thank you for supporting "The Driveway Brass 2022 World Tour".

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Bookings: Call Mike "Tunes" Brooks * Phone (314) 966-6923