• Twas' A Very Cold Night Before Christmas

  • In the very expensive sound proof recording studio

  • St.Charles - Back on the Driveway 2021

  • Seven Pines Community Park 2021

  • South County Concert 2021

  • South County Audience

  • Manchester Park Concert 2020

  • Large Group Concert Royal Acres 2020

  • Sing Along with The Ukuholics...
    We play the classics while you sing along to the soft and soothing sounds
    of a tropical dixieland/rock band. Song sheets of your classics provided.
    This IS your opportunity for to show off you musical prowess.

    Meet the Members of THE DRIVEWAY BRASS!!

    Randy Skaggs - 1st Trumpet & A Serious Guy

    April "Brickie"Silverman - Jazz Trumpet & Aeralist

    Michelle "Frenchie" Hall - French Horn, Mellow Horn & Bar Tender

    Travis "Half Note" Laws - Trombone, Euphonium & Generally a NiceGuy

    Mike "Tunes" Brooks - Tuba, Good Looking Old Guy and Leader of the Pack

    Gary Gackstatter - Musical Advisor/Conductor/Artist (Not Pictured)- needs a haircut

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    Bookings Call Mike "Tunes" Brooks · Phone (314) 966-6923
    Email: info@michaelbrooks.com
    We want to play for you!